Koen Maris(BEL) and Ulrike Schwalbe(GER) show their strength at Powerman Luxembourg

Today Sunday May 7, the very two athletes that were not able to show their strength for different reasons at the Powerman European Championship in Holland/ Horst on the 23rd April showed in Luxembourg that they will be the Duathletes that you will always have to reconsider as possible podium athletes at every top race they start in 2006.

The men race.

As at 12:30 hours the race started the runner-up man of 2006 Rob Woestenborghs(BEL) took the lead in the first run(10km) and came in Transition Area first. Koen Maris (BEL) came in 4th with a 26 sec gap. On the bike Koen Maris(BEL) took the lead after about 10km in the first lap and increased his distance to number two every lap of 15 km ( 4laps=60km). Surprisingly the German Tobias Gärtner took the second place during the bike. At the last leg, the second run(10km), Koen Maris enjoyed his roads to victory. Rob Woestenborghs had a strong second run and finished second while Thomas Gärtner(GER) had to pay for his bike effort and finished 3rd.

The women race.

Ulrike Schwalbe(GER) took the lead at the women race from the start and was second to none. Nicole Klinger (LIE) overtook Maud Golsteyn(NED) the bike leg and they finished 2nd and 3rd.